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Amman - Jordan
Region, Abdullah Ghosheh Street. Address, Mamdouh Al Saraireh street - building 5 behind jaber complex

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A Revolutionize custom-made learning

Jordan - German Dental Institute

A Revolutionize custom-made learning

Since fifteen years, JGDI and JGDC are committed to providing dental professionals with exceptional educational programs that complement skill sets and help clinicians achieve unprecedented levels of professional satisfaction and success. JGDI deals with market leader in the development of world-class implantology products such as Dentsply Dental which provide the accreditation for the continuing education through thestate-of-the-art, hands-on-learning programs offered at the JGDI.


  • Participate in a distinguished learning experience, featuring revolutionary training and renowned faculty from Germany.

  • Engage with highly respected instructors who promote competence and confidence, while reinforcing contemporary procedures and techniques through detailed explanation and repetition.

  • Perform multiple procedures on multiple real patients over multiple days, creating an accelerated learning experience that no other training activity can replicate.

  • Insure a feedback consultation after the training for three months to guide you and support you with your cases at your clinic



JGDI transforms the spoon feeding phantom simulation into a revolutionary consultative collaboration, featuring high-definition cameras and streaming video capabilities that elevate didactic sessions to a higher level of learning. Presenting cases and providing consultation to the cases brought by the participants. The JGDI hands-on Training with real patients (Hi-trp) brings clinicians in the real-life scenarios to practice patient case after exploration, case discussions and authentic supporting documentation on surgical and restorative techniques.


The world-class learning environment at JGDI provides a unique opportunity for dental professionals to refine and enhance their skills. The emphasis on repetition through the training enables participants to return home and immediately incorporate their learning experience into their own practice

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