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Amman - Jordan
Region, Abdullah Ghosheh Street. Address, Mamdouh Al Saraireh street - building 5 behind jaber complex

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mobile +962777788400

Hybrids supported by 4 Implants

Hybrids supported by 4 Implants

The growing number of fully edentulous patients has prompted the need for creative, inexpensive and effective methods to restore these patients with fixed prosthesis. In 2010 Nobelbiocare trademarked a concept developed by Dr. Paolo Malo known as the “all-on-4” as a positive answer to worldwide problem of edentulous. This technique has been proven effective utilizing other implants systems and for the 1st time in the Middle East there is a training course where advanced licensed dentists from all over the world can master this technique while working on patients under direct supervision of board certified oral-maxillofacial surgeons and experienced restoring dentists.

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